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Monday, May 28, 2012

sharing less nowadays

bismillah walhamdulillah

nowadays..there's no much i felt like sharing..hmm.. dunno why..

but what u can see, i just disagree with the HBN Himpunan Belia Negara...yes, i do to listen to some korea songs...but it is too much if u educate your people or youngster with ol dat entertainment...supposed u should inculcate belia with their absolute aim that is back to Allah... hope that, Habaib and other Muslim Scholars advice our so called PM...hmm..what to do, naseb la dapat PM camni.... xleh cakap lebih nnt sampai surat soh p balai pulak..

c ya..

masya Allah pemimpinku.. hmm

- wish me luck in final exam 4 the 2nd semester.. 3 papers to go..FIGHTING!!!


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