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Sunday, December 12, 2010

silent. better?

yes..i want to be silent person... in order to run from the prob? but is it curable? i dono.. hmm...feeling timeless.. eh, feelingless....ape aku ckp merapu ni? pelik btol...
but I just wanna share sumthing with ol my comrades... really from me

the best of friends,
worth more than gold,
give ol the love,
A heart can hold.
(just gold??)

the best of friends,
can change a frown,
into a smile,
when you feel down.
(i don't think so)

the best of friends,
will understand
your little trials,
and lend a hand.
(still hoping 4 this)

the best of friends,
will always share
your secret dreams,
because they care.

The best of friends,
will never backbiting,
about her friends,
because they will get hurt.
(do you??)

the best of friends.
will always motivate,
using good words,
not just make her feel small.

the best of friends,
will always back her up,
when others do not,
not do like others.
(is it??)

if no more,
u feel like a best friend,
to your friends,
just don't care.

if no more,
u could find one,
just never trust any one,
trust no one.

if you feel
like you the only friend,
friend like you r the only,
only friend you can be.

if u feel like u have no one,
no friends any more,
set in your mind tightly,
Allah is always be your friend.

if silent make you feel friendly,
do silent,
as me,
but I can't stay longer.

but I try to be,
the silent friend,
to ol of you,
so that no more you can hear me.

As i always be the most annoying,
the most busybody,
it is fine then,
i'll shut my mouth.

sorry for the negative mindset,
that's ol i have,
but i want you to know,
i just love ol of you whateva you r.

trying to be the best of friend,
according to your scheme,
but i disqualified to be
your best friend

you don't have to befriend me,
coz I know who am I,
i'm not good enaf being
the best of friend to you.

that's ol from me,
i'm just typing,
that's ol me rite now.

from now on,
lets just be friend,
in order Allah wants,
for getting blessing from Him.

the best of friends,
will walk together
to the Heaven
without keep herself.

Last but not least,
lets be the best of friends
as we never be any more longer
living togther.

far more after this,
i will regret myself
by doing this
to my ownself.

Oooo Allah,
please show me the way,
guide me to be
the Best of Friend to them.

-silent kills me. really. but i choose that.for a moment.but I never keep silent to Allah. coz I know,He always hear me.always.Trust Allah.

please be noted that wateva i wrote above just for reminders.
only for me.n so r u.if u feel so.et_born2shaheed

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